If you’re looking for a full-service production partner to bring your film, documentary, commercial, music video or score to creative life — and do it better than you ever thought possible — you’re in the right place.

From the notes in a musical score to those given on a script or a set, we put our heart and soul into everything we do, developing and delivering powerful stories that drive emotional impact.

Our clients say they "love" us and are grateful for all that we do, both creatively and as humans - and that we’re a pleasure to work with and produce stunning work. We pride ourselves on being a multidimensional team of industry professionals who won’t rest until we deliver a sophisticated, superior and authentic experience that entertains and inspires.


Brianne Berkson Brianne Berkson

Producer & Writer

Since the age of 2, I’ve been writing, producing, performing and dancing — even charging family members admission to my living room theater. So, it’s no surprise that decades later I’m creating music and film on a larger, more sophisticated scale (and with bigger budgets).

Miguel Gluckstern Miguel Gluckstern

Director & Editor

An origin story as complex as my name. German-born, Spain-raised and NYC-honed. Perhaps, because my own identity is a story, I found a home in art and cinema. A rapper turned filmmaker, nothing makes me more excited than creating profound, meaningful lyrics and clever, high-quality films.

Matt Chiaravelle Matt Chiaravelle

Music & Sound Producer

I grew up playing in bands and trace my roots to the 90’s NYC punk scene. I hold fast to my foundational DIY ethos by turning in projects on-time and on-budget, just no longer on my buddy’s cassette recorder.

Ismael Gomez III Ismael Gomez III

Post-Production Supervisor

Ismael Gomez III is a Cuban-American filmmaker residing in Miami. In 2009, he received an Artist Fellowship to pursue his B.A in Film Production at the New York Film Academy. After completing his studies, he began to work as editor and post-production supervisor on several motion pictures and video content for brands like Nike, Arbonne, Toyota and Mac Cosmetics.


Creative Development & Writing

Our passion, as well as our idea of a fun date night, is helping generate ideas that make you feel and think. We then turn those into compelling scripts that get told with an inspiring message and in a cinematically stunning way.


Our incredible team understands how to take a project and a budget from page to production. Regardless of what challenges arise, the result is a stellar end product that exceeds expectations.


It’s our belief that good direction requires a boundless passion for the craft and an obsessive attention to detail. We’ll help tell your story in a way you never thought possible.

Post Production

The editing process is the world’s most exciting jigsaw puzzle. Putting the pieces together so they fit just right is something we excel at and absolutely love.

Music Composition

We believe music should uplift, inspire, empower and activate. With over 1M streams and counting on our own music, we’re on our way to harmonizing humanity and excited to help create sweet sounds for your project.

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