Our 2020 Vision journey

2020 Vision, to see with perfect clarity; to visualize past, present and future from a crystallized point of view, unobstructed from the clutter and clatter of every day life.

2020 Vision, the fear, the sadness; alone, together; we stay home forced to rest, to slow down, to go inward – if we so choose, and question: What’s it all for? What’s it all for? No One Really Knows.

2020 Vision, our latest musical endeavor; lyrical and spiritual forces joined with our Brother from another Mother Andres Gonzalez; intended to uplift, inspire, empower; aiming to make a difference, The Difference, and see things from a Different View; to love, even when times are…like 2020.

Although we Produced many of the tracks of 2020 Vision alongside our dear friend and collaborator Matt Chiaravalle prior to the changes that 2020 has presented, it was abundantly clear that our intention and focus was somehow destined to align with the events of 2020. Its fair to say 2020 has been unique for us All. So many ways-of-life uprooted and changed forever. We feel like we were born for these times, to be alive now, consciously experiencing our very World shifting. Its equally petrifying and exhilarating. So many questions, so much possibility, so much unknown.

We create music to share our truths, to reflect on what we feel and to share an uplifting message. There’s always something to be learned from our life experiences, good, bad or indifferent. Its up to us how we respond and flow with the lessons. We can get stuck in the moment, stuck in the past, allowing our pain and trauma to dictate every move we make; or we can see the life experiences as blessings (yes, even the trauma!) and continue moving forward with grace, knowledge and deeper understanding. If we accept that we come from the Dark Oblivion and return there after this life’s incarnation, why not Keep Going, striving for light, love, joy, the best possible outcome? Surely 2020 rocked our Worlds. Surely 2020 transformed our way of BEing. Surely 2020 has provided insight and vision. May we All reunite on the other side of 2020, over the Rainbow, with brighter eyes, open hearts and connected spirits. May we grow from this collective rupture and pave a new way for ourselves and for generations to come.