Our 2020 Vision journey

2020 Vision, to see with perfect clarity; to visualize past, present and future from a crystallized point of view, unobstructed from the clutter and clatter of every day life. 2020 Vision, the fear, the sadness; alone, together; we stay home forced to rest, to slow down, to go inward – if we

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Health and Healing: Eat to live, live to heal. What’s Brianne's take on health? | Briguel Blog

Bri’s Blog: Eat to Live, Live to Heal

What’s my take on health? When it comes to health, I truly believe the key component of this vast concept is ‘heal’-ing. Besides the fact that “heal” comprises 4/6 of the word itself, health, I believe that a lot of one’s emotional, mental, and, of course, physical well-being arises

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